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Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

Chapter 13 Web Promotion

You've built it — now what can you do to attract visitors to your web site? Once you get visitors, how do you interest them in returning? Getting listed on search engines, social media, site affiliations, and ad banners are some of the topics that are discussed in this chapter.

Google Video Tutorials

Google published a series of video tutorials, Google for Webmasters, the topics include Discoverability, Accessibility - Crawling and Indexing, Ranking, and Webmaster Central Overview.

Chapter Updates

  • Chapter Review, Page 582
    There is a duplicate answer choice for question #9. Replace the text for #9 d with the following: "search engine linking"
Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

Review Activities

Review Games

Review activities are available for this chapter. Check your knowledge of chapter terms and concepts.


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