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Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

Chapter 14 Overview of JavaScript & jQuery

Using JavaScript, you can incorporate techniques and effects that will make your web pages come alive! JavaScript is an object-based scripting language used to manipulate objects associated with web page documents. For example, you can display an alert box containing an important message for the user, you can check the information that was entered into a form, and much more. jQuery is a JavaScript library that provides an easier way to code interactive effects with JavaScript. This chapter introduces JavaScript and jQuery while providing some examples that you can build on to create your own web pages.

JavaScript Tools

  • Firebug — JavaScript debugger extension for Firefox
  • Venkman — JavaScript debugger
  • JSLint — JavaScript syntax checker

Chapter Updates

Hands-On Practice 14.9, Page 615

  • In the paragraph above Figure 14.17, the term "Error Console" should be "Web Console".
  • In the paragraph below Figure 14.18, "formvalidation.html" should be "form.html".

Hands-On Practice 14.11, Page 624

In the first paragraph, the number 1000 should be 10000.

Fish Creek Animal Case Study

  • Page 639
    The file name for the Ask the Vet page is askvet.html.
  • Page 640, Task 3, Option 2
    Remove the exclamation point from the message.
Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5

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Review activities are available for this chapter. Check your knowledge of chapter terms and concepts.


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