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Chapter 9 Forms

Forms are used for many purposes all over the Web. They are used by search engines to accept keywords and by online stores to process e-commerce shopping carts. Websites use forms to help with a variety of functions, including accepting visitor feedback, encouraging visitors to send a news story to a friend or colleague, collecting e-mail addresses for a newsletter, and accepting order information. This chapter introduces a very powerful tool for web developers—forms that accept information from web page visitors.

Resources & Chapter Links

Free Remotely-hosted Form Processing

Privacy & Form Processing

Browser Support for HTML5 Form Controls

Server-Side Script

The server-side script used in the chapter is written in PHP. View the source code.

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  • Pacific Trails Resort Case Study
    Page 445, Task 3
    Since there is no hero image on the Reservations page, delete the div element assigned to the homehero id.

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