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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Creating a Logo Banner Page 3

Tools PanelPhotoshop Tool Panel, Tool Bar, Tools Option Panel, Floating Palettes

Notice the Tools Panel in your Photoshop application. Place your mouse over the tool icons for a brief description of each. You can toggle this Tools Panel between one-column display and two-column display by clicking the arrows at the top of the panel.

Type Tool

You will be using the Horizontal Type Tool iconHorizontal Type Tool on the Tools Panel during this tutorial. Take a moment and find it. (Hint: Look for the letter "T" on the Tools Panel.)

Move Tool

You'll also use the Move Tool Move Tool in this tutorial to select and move a text object.

Tool Bar

While you are examining the screen, take a look in the main Tool Bar across the top of the Photoshop Window.

Tool Bar

It is handy to know how to undo an action when using Photoshop — just in case you make a mistake. Pressing the Ctrl and Z keys at the same time will undo your most recent action. There also is an Undo option located under the Edit Option on the main Tool Bar. Use the Window option on this Tool Bar to toggle the display of the panels and palettes.

Tools Option Panel

The Tools Option Bar is located directly below the main Tool Bar. You'll use this area to configure options for tools you are using. See an example of the Option Bar for the Horiziontal Type Tool below.

Tools Option Panel

Swatches Palette

You'll use the Swatches Palette to select colors.

Swatches Panel

Layers Palette

You'll use the Layers Palette to apply effects (such as bevel and drop shadow).

Layers Panel

Continue with the next page to actually create the company logo banner.

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