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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Creating a Logo Banner Page 4

Select the Horizontal Type Tool

Horizontal Type ToolSelect the Horizontal Type Tool in the Tools Panel.

Your cursor changes to an "I Beam".


Configure Text Properties

Use the Tools Option Panel to configure the text properties listed below:

  • Arial font
  • size 48 pt
  • Bold Italic

Tools Option bar

Use the Swatches palette to choose a light blue, Pure Cyan Blue.

Swatches panel

Click on your checkerboard canvas. A flashing cursor displays.
Type "Acme Web Design".

Acme Web Design logo

Your text might look different from the sample shown above. That is OK, you will configure your text in a moment. You will notice the sample text happens to start on the left side of the canvas. Move the text closer to the left side of the image canvas (as shown in the screen shot below) by selecting select the Move Tool (see page 3), using it to select the text area, and dragging the text area closer to the center of the image canvas.

Use the Move Tool to position the text


Continue with the next page to actually create the company logo banner.

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